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Web Stories: A Ditch Day Surprise

by Sam Phillips '56, M.S. '57

One Ditch Day in Ricketts, a senior's room was locked but not stacked, and a cake was left outside with a sign: "Bribe". The bribe was not enough for one underclassman, who picked the lock and found easy entrance — too easy. He had just gotten the door to open and found the room in darkness, with barely enough light to see the string running from the doorknob, over pulleys, to a chair facing the door, on which was mounted a double-barreled shotgun. There were two flashes and a huge bang, and the victim staggered back, crying, "I'm shot." When no blood was forthcoming, he and his friends peered around the door again to find the camera flashbulbs, the firecrackers, and, yes, the shotgun.