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Web Stories: "C" is for Cookie

by Travis Hime '01

It was during my sophomore year that I began celebrating Tuesday cookie night with a rendition of Sesame Street's "'C' is for Cookie" in my best Cookie Monster voice. Some found this amusing the first time, but my audience appeared to tire of this after the fourth or fifth week. Soon my innocuous query of "Now what starts with the letter 'C'?" was met with cold stares, airborne rolls, brandished cutlery, and the occasional threat of a float. Needless to say, I now began to feel that my serenading of the cookie trays was expected, and I could hardly let down my loyal fans by backing down in the face of adversity. Nevertheless, I was intimidated into silence on a few occasions, and in one such instance my junior year, I was heartened to hear a young frosh across the dining hall perform the song in my stead. On another occasion, I managed to be seated with a sympathetic crowd, and we had quite a rousing chorus.